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My five year old daughter is alive because of prayer and trust in God.
Added 03/30/2020

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Click here for news video confirmations and the only news paper interview.

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My daughter is alive testimony:

This is my testimony. I am a dad with three daughters. Thirty years age, in May of 1992 my youngest daughter of the three, who was five years old then, was strangled to death, yet she is alive. She was pulled into a mens cafeterias restroom at a community college where her mother attended. The assailant was on work release from a mental hospital. I am not going to go into the specifics because Gods glory is about what God did for me, not complaining about what others or what was done, or how I felt it was done to me. See also "How to testify for Jesus Christ" topic.

A year prior in 1991 became a turning point in my life. Frustrated with life in general, I prayed and asked God, "If you are real prove it to me." He did within a few months. A lady came into my office wanting me to do their churches weekly bulletin. Sue was her name. It was late winter early spring. I did take on the work, and not knowing to me, that church also performed a summer long passion play during those weekends called Jesus of Nazareth, at an outdoor amphitheater, which sat just behind the church.

As early summer came, Sue started inviting me to watch their play, offering me comp tickets. I eventually went. I went again, and a few more times before I found myself performing in the play as an extra cast member in the crowd. Soon after and towards the end of their season, my three daughters joined me and were also in the play. It was a great experience for them and me. There were live camels, sheep, roman soldiers on horses and a large cast of families from many different churches and denominations.

I eventually joined their church later that fall, attending as much as possible. That winter life was still tough to me. Again not going into specifics. I will share that I was separated and headed for a divorce or maybe already divorced, but either way I was concerned about how I was going to make this life work. One night that winter I fell on my face praying in frustration. In that frustration I gave my daughters to God, and asked him to care for them, telling him they were his and for Him to take care of them. I didn't know what else to do with child support and all.

May 1992 while at work and with a customer who was also from this church, I received a phone call, from who I think was my ex-wife saying that someone just tried to kill my youngest daughter. I don't remember the drive to the hospital which was thirty minutes away with traffic and all. I do remember I was not angry.

I recall coming out of the hospitals elevator and there was a crowd, church members, news people and others. I asked and went into my daughters hospital room. Here I saw my small five year old daughter in a huge bed. She was sitting up with her normal puzzled look which all children might have. I remember telling her not to worry that angels were there with her. I remember I felt so small, here was my daughter that was harmed and there was nothing I could have done that would of prevented it.

Sitting there in her over sized hospital gown I saw her broken blood vessels all over her face from the strangulation. Her eyes were blood shot as well. But she was sitting up talking as though nothing was out of the normal except the experience of where she was. As a note, a few months ago recently she did share with me she remembered wondering why it was happening to her. I can only imagine what her young mind was thinking at the time.

From what I recall from reports, this young man snatched her and took her into the mens restroom where he strangled her to death. I say this because of what transpired next. Other students were using the restroom, but one noticed something was not right. He saw her lifeless feet from under the stall along with a cooks cap. So he went to the college kitchen and asked about any cooks with children. When he heard there weren't any he ran back and chased the assailant away.

He said she was lifeless, blue, no breathe or pulse, perhaps like a rag doll. He said he started praying and preformed CPR, and pleading with God not to let her go. She came to and help was on the way. That man who rescued her is Jerry, someone whom I will never forget. My testimony is for God to be glorified and to always bless Jerry. And, the church I was attending grew leaps and bounds as well as the passion plays attendance for years to come afterwards.

I prayed on that winter night giving my daughters to God because I could not care for them the way I wanted. I could not be there for them in their hour of need. But God could, did and was there. The story behind why Jerry was there at the college is a testimony on its own. He was studying in the Lutheran church to be a pastor.

For Gods glory have I now shared this testimony, which has only been shared by me but for only a few verbal times. My daughter was released from the hospital the very next day. To me she was safe, sound and happy as always. Even today she is a happy married mom. And her two older sisters are just as happy and blessed

Parents, whether single, divorded or married, always pray for your children, always trust God to be there for them when you are not. Never give up on your faith in Jesus.

Wayne McMahan, dad with three happy daughters!

Click here for news video confirmations and the only news paper interview.

Other validations news articles can be researched from the Tacoma News Tribune and Seattle Times archives as well as others from May 1992-1994.

Stay Within Focus Book available soon.
My book with my short testimonial, and with over 80 topics and 1600 versus, 148 pages.

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