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To copy, save and research these topics within Bible Assist PC Software: From the topic web pages, select the entire topic, copy and paste from there into the Bible Assist Pasteboard. Now triple click or select the entire verse location, right click on selection and choose GoTo Bible Verse. To save the topic from the Pasteboard, select File, Save as. Note: These topics can be pasted and saved within any text editor.

New Topics

Why is being wronged, doing right?
Added 09/10/2020

Why are Christians mocked and teased?
Added 09/06/2020

What is repentance and remission?
Added 08/18/2020, Edited 08/19/2020

What is believing works, (deeds or labor)?
Added 08/10/2020

Have compassion and preach to those who cannot discern?
Added 08/09/2020, Edited 08/16/2020

Is disagreeing with other christians a sin?
Added 07/20/2020

What is loving your neighbor as yourself?
Added 06/10/2020

Are believers Gods Glory?
Added 05/06/2020, Edited 08/16/2020

What God is there for Christians?
Added 05/05/2020

Good news from bible scripture and Gods Spirit
Added 05/05/2020

My Testimony

My five year old daughter is alive
Added 03/30/2020

God and Why Me?

Good news from bible scripture and Gods Spirit
Added 05/05/2020

Why me, what's my purpose?
Added 03/29/2020

God is our servant?
Added 03/29/2020

What is a minister?
Added 7/20/19

Want proof, ask God.
Added 03/29/2020

All About Faith

Faith is defined as?
Added 01/29/2020

Does Chrisitan faith produce works?
Added 12/14/19

Is faith a gift from God?
Added 7/22/19

All About Christian Growth

Mature Christains do well if?
Added 12/16/19

NEW Christain gentiles do well if?
Added 12/15/19

What defiles a man?
Added 6/23/19

Is Christian Anger Okay?
Edited 12/08/19

All About Giving

Understanding the gift of giving.
Added 01/16/2020

Giving with purpose and compassion.
Added 12/14/19

Giving to the poor is giving to God.
Added 12/08/19

The art of giving, translated.
Modified 11/30/19

Do churches labour to give to the weak?
Edited 12/08/19

Is tithing a law and cursed?
Edited 12/02/19

All About Gods Church

Does God love the building or the poor?

Where is God's church?
Added 11/30/19

God for the Jews expressed by Stephen.
Added 11/16/2019

God for the gentiles through Simon Peter.
Added 11/16/2019

All About Gods Holy Spirit

Obtaining everlasting life, baptism and born again.
Added 7/13/19

Who is anointed and saved?
Added 5/20/19

What are Spiritual gifts?
Added 7/22/19

What is the purpose for miracles and healings?
Added 6/25/19

The Holy Spirit miracles and healings.
Added 6/25/19

What is the Amour of God?
Added 7/13/19

What are the fruits of the Spirit?
Added 7/13/19

Bible Teachings and Stories

Known teachings by Jesus.
Added 7/11/19

Known stories told by Jesus.
Added 7/11/19

Old Testament bible stories.
Added 6/23/19

Who is God and Jesus

The unknown God made known.
Modified 7/22/19

Jesus is bigger than the Bible.
Added 5/17/19

What does Jesus Christ mean?
Added 5/20/19

Jehovah saved the anointed, Jesus Christ translated.

All of earth's languages, how they all came about.

Last Update: 09/10/2020

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