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3.4 Plus version is available for download (Released 02-08-21.) Try Bible Assist PC Software. It's been free for over 20 years and downloaded from around the world over that time.

Let your light shine. Want your own bible software to distribute and share with your church, outreach and family? Need a remedy for these stay at home restrictions? Bible Assist will soon be offering it.

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Bible Assist Software includes the KJV old and new testaments, with Strong's numbering. It includes tools to search, find and translate any part of the bible. The user can research, study and verify any scripture, back to the original Hebrew and Greek word translations and definitions.

Podyoke' Bible Assist Postcard.

This is our real postcard mailed in the spring of 2019, using the 35 cent first class stamp. It was thanking their services and Godly stance to our U.S. Sentators, U.S. Representatives, State Governors, Childrens Hospital Nursing Staffs with a ANCC Magnet Designation, and our U.S. Vice President and U.S. President.

Last Update: 02/22/2021

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