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Baptized one in Christ, Paul, Apollos, or Cephas? Posted 07/31/2021

Watch, Look Up, Pray. Posted 07/31/2021


Jesus, the water of life. Posted 04/12/2021, Narrated 07/27/21

Speak Godly Tidings. Posted 11/15/2020, Narrated 07/27/21

How to testify for Jesus Christ. Added 11/01/2020, Narrated 07/27/21

Why are Christians mocked and teased? Added 09/06/2020, Narrated 07/27/21

The newer version is required in order for the Goto Verse feature to work in these newest topics. They do not contain scripture references with paragraph numbers.

Gods Spirit or a worldly spirit? Posted 06/14/2021

Which god has blinded the worldly? Posted 06/14/2021, Modified 06/14/21

Gods harvest, all suffer together. Posted 05/23/2021

Two or more believers together establish Jesus. Posted 05/23/2021


Biblical parables were foretold, and are true? Posted 05/10/2021

Jesus prayed for all who believe on Him. Posted 04/24/2021

To Sanctify, to Hallow God. Posted 04/18/2021

The Fullness of the Gentiles. Posted 02/22/2021, Modified 03/20/21

Three Crosses. Posted 03/04/2021, Edited 05/04/21

Where is God's church? Posted 11/30/19, Modified 02/22/21

These topics still contain scripture references with paragraph numbers.

Search the scriptures to validate. Posted 01/05/2021

Share the spoils of increase. Posted 01/05/2021

Can gold and luxury return love? Posted 01/05/2021

Renewing of the mind. I am what I am. Posted 12/25/2020

A servant, a friend and a son. Posted 12/06/2020

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Podyoke' Bible Assist Postcard.

This is our real postcard mailed in the spring of 2019, using the 35 cent first class stamp. It was thanking their services and Godly stance to our U.S. Sentators, U.S. Representatives, State Governors, Childrens Hospital Nursing Staffs with a ANCC Magnet Designation, and our U.S. Vice President and U.S. President.

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