Bible Assist Software Features

Goto Bible verse, a quick launch like bookmarks
Background theme colors
Pop up search caution window
Pop up folder change caution window
New translate format
New Pasteboard file
Bible display text aligned
Drop shadows
Quick tips
Main window background tips
Added Find Within for the found results
Multiple Bible windows
King James Version
Greek definitions
Hebrew definitions
Save search results
Search count
Hide Bible windows
Large fonts
Highlighted found words
Reverse dictionary search
Find words within search
Left click edit menus
Editable Pasteboard
Sizeable Pasteboard
Send to Pasteboard
Translate entire verses
Find Strong's numbers
Find all verses with a number
Find all verses with a word
Save definition results
Save verse results
Find count
Search a Bible book
Search entire Bible
Set document folders
View folder
Change text theme color
Study timer
Help file
Three tutorials

Bible Assist email Tip: Select any part of the Bible text, search found results, translations and pasteboard text, copy and paste into any email, and email or send to your smart phone to text family and friends.

Modification record since released 1-7-19

Modifications in 3.9.2 B and C:

- Minor text corrections
- Loading Startup order fix

Modifications in 3.9.2:

- Pasteboard focus issue fixed during certain selections
- Goto popup warning fixed during certain selections
- Added message to footer in Search

Modifications in 3.9.1:

- Quick tips and more fixes added to Search
- Main window background tips

Modifications in 3.9:

- Search modifications
- Definition bolding issue fixed
- Added Find Within for the found results

Newest Features in 3.8:

- Bible display text aligned
- Background default color change
- Drop shadows added
- Logo change

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