Bible Assist, Trendy Bible, Nifty Bible and Standing Word and art are original works solely owned by their designer and programmer Wayne McMahan, also known as McMahan and Daughters Creative Desktop, MDCD. He first opened a christian web site domain in 1997 containing his original clip art designs. It had evolved into Trendy Bible Software since 2008. The newest release is Bible Assist Software.

My experience in graphic arts and publishing led me to become familiar with programming and software design. I saw a need to verify Biblical scriptures quickly and easily, so I programmed Standing Word Bible software, renamed to Nifty Bible software. The very first release of Standing Word Bible software was in May of 2002. It was one of the very first free downloadable Bible software programs. Trendy Bible came about when I saw a need to include Greek and Hebrew definitions, thus providing a better way to understand a verse and its context. The lastest Trendy Bible version was the new educational Eduv1 version, released on January 1st, 2008. Trendy Bible Software 2.0 is the newest and last version for the Trendy Bible software programs. The newest version is Bible Assist Software, just released January 7th, 2019. Below you will find listed all the materials used in these Bible software programs.

Copyright and Royalty Free Information.
Bible Assist, Trendy Bible and Nifty Bible's raw materials and software programs are copyrighted. All of the original raw materials used have been modified, encoded and formatted to function within these programs. The results of any material generated is not copyrighted and is royalty free. Example, a user can copy the Bible book contents displayed within the software and distribute it royalty free. The user may not use, copy or distribute the raw material used to generate the said Bible book content displayed. The same applies to the definitions and search results which can be copied and distributed royalty free. Again, the raw materials used to generate the definitions and search results may not be copied and distributed. For clip art copyrights review the clip art page at Trendy Bible. If you have any questions, please request more information from Wayne McMahan.

Biblical Material Used In Bible Assist:

  • 1769, 1881, 1901, King James Version: 1769 King James is the corrected edition of King James Version 1611. (FYI: The Authorized version came a decade later with a few changes in 1881. The American Standard Version was released in 1901).

  • 1839 George Wigram's Englishman's Greek and Hebrew Concordances: All occurrences of each unique Greek and Hebrew word in the 1769 New and Old Testaments.

  • 1890 Strong's unique definition numbering of Hebrew and Greek Words: Strong's Exhaustive Concordance by James Strong, S.T.D., LL.D., 1890

The raw Bible text material used in Trendy Bible and Nifty Bible were public domain USA. From that obtained material, several applications were written to present the Bible text within Trendy Bible as it appears; with gray underlined numbered paragraphs; blue words encoded to their assigned Strong's numbered definition; and red chapter and verse referencing.

Some of the text material was verified using the New Analytical Bible 1971 of the Authorized King James Version 1881, with bracketed American Standard Version 1901.


The Bible offers a wonderful library about practically everything on human kind, both the good and bad. With Bible Assist Software, you can go back to some of the earliest references to bible word definitions. For example, joy has eight different definitions, depending on where it was used.

There are many new discoveries that can be yours in the Bible using Bible Assist. We all hope that you will not only find these discoveries, but also Jesus Christ which the Bible was written about and written for you.

The best to you and yours,
Wayne, Christy, Angie and Michelle
- McMahan and Daughters

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Christian denominations reference the King James Bible from the year 1611, or the corrected versions thereafter.



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